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Putting all our eggs in one basket

Nicole Emmons
Posted 4/24/24

The unmistakable, all too familiar sound came from outside the living room window, on the west side of the fence where the yard and pasture meet. At first, I sat in my designated recliner at my boyfriend’s house, listening to the complaint of his residential killdeer giving an earful to whoever was wandering too close to her nest. After her chirps became more incessant and, in my mind, panicked, I jumped up and quickly made my way outside to the area where she created her nest. “Be careful, don’t slip, it’s wet outside,” I heard Tom, my boyfriend, yell as I bolted out the door. I didn’t care if I was being dramatic. I had a soft spot for this bossy little bird and the treasures she was guarding. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had the guidance of a top-notch real estate agent espousing, “location, location, location,” for she picked the least optimal spot to lay down her nest - on the rocky driveway inside the cow pasture.

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