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15 Questons


Brad Hadank

Senior Bolivar High School

Family? My Dad, Joe; Mom, Tracy; and two brothers, Jack and Ryan.

 Hometown? I moved to Bolivar from Wentzville when I was three.

 What did it mean to you to receive the Logan Middleton Memorial Sportsmanship award at the Blue and Gold tournament? It’s a huge honor. One of my goals in competition has always been to lift up others around me, whether those people are teammates or even competitors. The most important thing in sports in my opinion is your attitude and character, because those are the things that people will remember, and those are the things that carry into life. So receiving this award allows me to show others how important character really is, and hopefully it can motivate many other people to lift up others at all times.

 What is your favorite sport to play? Honestly, it has to be golf. Because golf teaches you so many life lessons in just one round, whether that’s how to deal with adversity, how to respect your opponent, etc. Also, golf is just a great way to get outside, get off electronics, and just play.

 What are your plans after you graduate? As of right now, I plan to go to the University of Central Missouri and study Digital Media Production.

Who has been your biggest mentor? Coach Travis Gregory, he was my seventh and eighth grade basketball coach, and he made such a huge impact on my life way beyond the game of basketball. Coach Gregory just has always put others above himself, and I have always looked up to him for that.

 Best advice you have been given. Least said, least mended.

 Favorite movie of all time? Definitely Cars, with Planes coming in at a close second, Disney knows how to make a good movie. But the best movie soundtrack is definitely Pure Country.

 Most irrational fear? Flying

 What advice would you give younger Liberators about teamwork? I would say that teamwork is the most important thing. No one can be successful without a strong team behind them. Whether that’s basketball where you need to be very connected and work together with your teammates, or even in a sport like golf where you play solo. You need a good team because those teammates still push you to get better, and to be successful you need people like that.

 What current trend do you just not get? Everyone my age will judge me for this, but I just do not get Be Real. I just don’t see the hype.

 Favorite memory being a Liberator? Honestly, winning the Logan Middleton Memorial Sportsmanship Scholarship has been one of my favorite memories. It’s just so awesome to be able to represent Bolivar with this award.

 What music is playing in your car when you are on the road? 100.5 The Wolf. It’s country music and the Bobby Bones Show is on in the morning.

 Social media... love it or hate it? I love it, but that may just be because that’s where I post the highlight videos that I make for Bolivar sports.

 What professional sports figure would you like to meet? I would like to meet Collin Morikawa. I would like to meet him because he is a very successful golfer who also seems to be very humble and he displays great character.