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Letter to the Editor


Aggressive dogs along the Frisco Highline Trail

This is to alert everyone that uses the Frisco Highline Trail to be aware of aggressive dog(s) north of the Morrisville Bridge near Mile Marker 27. I know two cyclers that have been bitten. The dog(s), believed to be bloodhounds, aggressively chase and attempt to bite cyclers. Recently, passing this location, I was attacked by a single dog that came within 12 inches of biting me. I reported the incident to two Polk County Sheriff officers. Until there is an actual reported biting incident, there isn’t much that can be done.

Please, any and all biting incidents need to be reported to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Be specific with location, date, time, description of the incident and photo evidence, if possible. Without documentation, it is as if nothing had happened.

The Frisco Highline Trail (FHT) is a wonderful asset for Polk County and is highly underutilized. All of the wooden trestle bridge on the FHT are in Polk County, and the trail south of Highway 215 is reminiscent of Colorado scenery. John Montgomery is the FHT Ozark Greenways trail manager. His email is john@ozarkgreenways.org and is very responsive to concerns and comments. I emailed him concerning this latest dog attack, and he promptly responded back to me.

Enjoy the trail, but be alert and protect yourself from all aggressive dogs. There are other dogs along the trail; however, the dog(s) north of the Morrisville Bridge near Mile Marker 27 are of particular concern.

John Jurgensen