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What is Parental Resilience Day?


Polk County Community Connections is introducing a new holiday to the community. Parental Resilience Day will be held annually on January 28 in order to recognize the importance of strengthening families and promoting resources for parents and children.

For this community-wide event, many local organizations and institutions are collaborating to provide valuable information to parents. On this holiday, Berean Baptist Church will be hosting life skills classes from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., discussing topics about parenting in the digital age, continuing education, cooking on a budget, and more. This will be an opportunity to establish mentorships with members of the community in order to receive additional support.

Both Community Outreach Ministries (COM) and Polk County Library will also be taking part in the event, highlighting their resources and services for supporting families. At the end of the day, the Open Hearts United Methodist Church will host their Community Block Party, which will feature free food and family-friendly games. On Sunday, Jan. 29, a special sermon for parents will take place at Countryside Church.

Polk County Community Connections members Carol Bookhout and Abby Hovey – also of Polk County Health Center (PCHC) – say that the idea behind the event originated from a need in the community.

“Parental Resilience Day was planned as a result of conversations between community partners identifying the need to provide families with support for raising children, managing their own stressors, and improving overall behavioral and physical health of families,” Bookhout says. “Partners such as COM, PCHC and OACAC receive requests for parenting classes, mental health resources and concrete support daily. Parental Resilience Day is an effort to encourage parents that they are not alone and we, as a community, are working to strengthen all families in the county.”

Parents will also be able to register for Community Connections’ online parenting class called Parenting Wisely. Once registered, courses will need to be completed within the following six months. Through a partnership with Community Connections, organizations such as COM, OACAC, and DFS will give credit in their programs to participating parents. To get more details about these classes, call 417-326-7250 to contact Carol Bookhout at PCHC.

Families can also find helpful resources and access to health services through the Polk County Health Department, and families in need of food or financial relief can reach out to COM. Services offered through COM include job development training as well as access to affordable clothing and necessities.

Other resources for local residents can be found at Polk County Library, which offers family-oriented programs and services in order to provide assistance and promote social and educational activities for all ages.

The Open Hearts United Methodist Church also promotes the principle of strengthening families throughout the year. The church hosts various events to bring opportunities for people to connect and expand their support system in the community.

“Several staff from Open Hearts are also involved with Polk County Cares, our new local warming center, and they are allowing us to use this block party to celebrate with each other, while learning coping skills to equip parents to be healthy and help themselves and their children thrive,” Hovey states.

To get connected with more resources or to learn more about Parental Resilience Day, call Polk County Health Center at 417-326-7250, Community Outreach Ministries at 417-326-2769, or the Bolivar Area Chamber of Commerce at 417-326-4118. Information will also be posted on the “Community Connections — Polk County” Facebook page.