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I’ve been a paid writer most of my life — 49 of my 76 years. more
Why our brain does weird stuff more
Co-Sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 66, American Legion Post 183, and Bolivar Elks Lodge 2828. more
“Twisters” more
The other day I watched a spider build its web. Let me be clear, I am not a spider enthusiast, in fact, I am willing to admit I am arachnophobic. Yet, I sat there and watched him work (I have no clue the gender of said spider, but for the sake of this column, it’s a dude and I named him George). more
Writer reports from an ocean away more
As with everything else, produce prices have gone through the roof. Just a few years ago, I could get grapes and apples for $1 - $1.50 per pound. Now, if I see those prices, I think I have hit the jackpot. No wonder slot machines use three cherries for a win. more
Some days I want to give up writing, especially in pleasant seasons when I might otherwise be doing something useful outside. more
I feel guilty. I’ve done a bad, bad thing. And yet I can’t say I wouldn’t do it all over again given the opportunity. more
I have come to realize that humidity loves to flaunt its prowess. This leads me to believe that there is no chance for civility between us. In fact, we may soon cross into the territory of being foes, enemies sworn to battle each other every summer until I move or die. more
Getting back to basics is often the answer to solving so many problems. It is easy to veer off course or become distracted from the simplicity of the basics. In his book, A Kid’s Guide to How to Save the Planet, author Billy Goodman explains how our planet is in trouble and explores ways we can all save the earth. Although originally published nearly 35 years ago, his suggestions for helping to solve the solid-waste crisis are still applicable. He suggests: more
I have often written of my third great-grandfather, Capt. Peter Daly, an Irish-born soldier in the British army during the American Revolution who settled in Canada after the war. I’ve known Captain Daly’s story since childhood, as it was told to me in letters from elderly aunts in Ontario, and have long been proud of his loyalty to his homeland. more
In 1977, when I was about 5 years old, my father bought a new Ford dump truck for his one-man landscaping business. It was big, green, and loud. My 11-year-old brother Greg and I thought this was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to us. more
Ever wonder why I named my weekly newspaper column “RFD”? more
‘Mildred, Quit Hollering’ more
The sensory assault of pet breakfast more
By the time you read this, another Father's Day will have come and gone, and I have no idea how I spent the holiday because I’m writing this in late May. more
My adorable fluffy little dog can be a bit of a jerk at times. Since the moment he moved into the house, he has thought it necessary to assert his dominance over the larger DeeDee, a 50-pound mutt that has resided with me for about two years. As far as seniority goes, she has him beat, but Louis may just take the cake when it comes to hair-raised, curled-lip, get-away-from-my-mom (me) attitude. more
We've got a few suggestions more
Not too many years ago could be found on many dairy farmers’ calendars the telephone number of their “cow breeder.” more
Auditions continue for the annual Polk County’s Got Talent show, an event that recognizes local talent and raises funds for Community Outreach Ministries. more
We have all seen the movie with the perfect girl and the man who falls for her; she is beautiful, kind, and can spout some obscure quote from a poem or book, which happens to be the exact quote he memorized from the same book. It must be destiny. more
Most of the time, I think I do a fairly good job at finding ways to reuse items. My youngest grandson, Kolin, is at the fun age of three and full of questions about why he is planting seeds with grandma in yogurt containers or empty egg cartons or the clear plastic container that cookies came in. He is growing up thinking that is a normal occurrence. It is thrifty, I suppose, but I still get a kick out of reusing things that typically end up in the trash and so many of these types of items can’t be recycled, so it is a win/win. more
A bustling house is great for events like BBQs, Christmas parties, or an occasional shindig. However, a quiet home is best for the rest! more
Before a packed Bison fieldhouse, Bud and Shirley Glazier’s eldest was inducted April 10 into the Dallas County R-1 School District Hall of Fame. more
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